Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale v0.45.4 MOD APK

Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Stumble Guys game, which includes additional features such as unlimited money, unlocked levels, and no ads.

Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk

Additional Information

App Name Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale
Publisher Kitka Games
Genre Action
Size 152M
 Latest Version 0.45.4
 MOD Info Unlocked All Futures
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Additional Information
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Stumble guys is based on the popular obstacle course game show, Takeshi’s Castle, where players control characters and race through obstacle courses while trying to eliminate each other.

The game is similar to the popular game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, in which players control wacky characters and navigate through various obstacles in a last-man-standing competition. You can also download Stumble Guys Mod Apk to enjoy the whole series from the start.


Some of the features of the game include:

  • Multiplayer support: Players can compete with up to 32 players in a single match
  • Obstacle course: Players must navigate through a variety of obstacles, such as spinning poles, moving platforms, and more.
  • Characters: The players have the access to chose characters of their own choice having insignificant powers to overcome the obstacles.
  • Leaderboards: Players can compete on global leaderboards to see who is the best.
  • Customizable: Players can customize their characters with a variety of costumes and accessories.

The game is available on multiple platforms such as PC and mobile devices and is free to play with in-app purchases available to buy in-game items and cosmetic items.

Unlocked Features Of Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk:

Stumble Guys Royale is a battle royale-style game where players control cartoon characters and try to be the last ones standing on a continually shrinking map. The modded version of the game, which is not officially endorsed or supported by the game’s developers, includes the below-unlocked features such as unlimited money or unlocked levels.

Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale MOD APK (Skins Unlocked):

Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale MOD APK (Skins Unlocked

A modded version of the game, Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale, with “skins unlocked” means that the player would have access to all of the game’s characters and costumes without having to unlock them through normal gameplay.

Stumble Guys Mod Apk  (Unlimited Money and Gems):

A modded version of the game Stumble Guys with “unlimited money and gems” would likely mean that the player would have access to an unlimited amount of in-game currency, allowing them to purchase items and power-ups without any restrictions.

Overtake the Opponents:

One of the key gameplay mechanics is the ability to run, dash, and slide past opponents. Players can use the run button to move quickly across the map and avoid obstacles, while the dash button allows them to quickly close the gap between themselves and other players.

The slide button allows players to slide under obstacles and can also be used to dodge incoming attacks from other players. By mastering these movement mechanics, players can gain an advantage over their opponents and increase their chances of winning the game

Original Stumble Guys Royale mode Vs Modified Version:

The original version of Stumble Guys: Royale, which is officially released by the game’s developers, is typically considered to be the most stable and secure version of the game. No copyrights have been violated in the original version and all the legal terms and services of the game had been taken care of.

On the other hand, a modified version of the game often referred to as a “mod,” may include features that are not present in the original version of the game. These features can include things like unlimited money, unlocked levels, or even cheats that give players an unfair advantage over others. However, downloading the modified version is not recommended from an untrustworthy website. You can safely download the modified version from our website which is 100% viruses free and also safe for your account’s security.

Here is a comparison table that highlights some of the key differences between the original version of Stumble Guys: Royale and a modified (or “modded”) version of the game:

Feature Original Version Modified Version
Game stability if downloaded from our trusted website High High
Security Level if downloaded from our trusted website High Low
Adherence to TOS Yes No
Game updates Regular No
Additional features No Yes
Risk of viruses or malware from our website Low Low
Unlocked features Paid Unpaid

Feature of Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk

It’s worth noting that this table is not exhaustive, and the specific features of any modified version of the game may vary.

Download “Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk from our website without any risk:

Are you ready to take your Stumble Guys game to the next level? Look no further than the Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale mod apk, now available for download on our website.

This exciting new mod transforms the beloved obstacle-dodging game into a competitive multiplayer experience. Compete against players from all over the world in real-time as you navigate a wacky and unpredictable obstacle course. With new power-ups, obstacles, and game modes, the possibilities are endless.

One of the best things about the Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale MOD is its Accessibility for new players and ease of use. The graphics and sound effects in this mod are top-notch, immersing you in a colorful and lively world.

Another great feature of the Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale mod is the ability to customize your character. The players can make their characters fun and entertaining to play by customizing the appearance of the cartoon. You can choose clothes and fashion accessories of your choice and make a unique customized character.

Don’t miss out on the action – download the Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale mod apk now from our website. Experience a new level of competition and excitement as you try to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents.

How to Download & Install Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk from our website:

To download Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our website where the game is available to download.
  2. Click on the download button for Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale.
  3. Wait for the download to complete.
  4. After the file is downloaded, you can save it in any folder you like for future reference.
  5. When you want to install the set-up file, open it and start the installation process as per the on-screen guidelines.
  6. After completion of the Installation process, you will see the game’s Icon on your system, and now you can play the unlocked version of your favorite game without any risk.


In conclusion, please note that to avail additional benefits of Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale Mod Apk, it is also important to note that the website which you are downloading the game from is a trusted source and the game is safe to download, otherwise it could lead to downloading malware or viruses to your device. You can enjoy unlimited entertainment totally free of cost without any risk with just one click.